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  • deep impregnation up to 40 mm
  • closes pores and fine cracks
  • has a solidifying and hardening effect
  • diffusion-open
  • can be applied to slightly damp substrates

High-quality silicate deep impregnation based on modified sodium water glass with specially formulated catalysts which allow perfect penetration into mineral substrates with a penetration depth of up to 40 mm.
After the impregnation has been applied, a crystal structure is formed which permanently closes the pores in a liquid-tight manner and prevents water from rising and being transported further.
Permanent deep impregnation is possible on concretes, cement screeds, cementitious flow mortars as well as on numerous other natural types of stone, artificial stones and clay-based substrates such as bricks, terracotta, et cetera.


approx. 0.2 kg/m² for the first application depending on the absorbency of the substrate, approx. 0.1 kg/m² for the second application depending on the absorbency of the substrate