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Murexin offers durable products for the highest demands in every area.

For over nine decades, Murexin has been a recognized leader in quality and innovation in the field of construction chemicals. Murexin’s long-standing success story is based on a firm commitment to the highest quality, technological excellence and our commitment to sustainability. Our credo for an environmentally conscious future has been developed under the guiding principle “Murexin offers products in every area that are built to last and meet the highest demands”. This promise is underpinned by our company philosophy “Together we create durability. It lasts.” and lived out by us at Murexin with conviction and passion.

In a world characterized by rapid urbanisation and environmental awareness, sustainable building projects play a crucial role in the future of our environment. Murexin has recognized this need and is determined to offer sustainable solutions that will last for generations. Our products not only embody technical excellence, but also ecological responsibility. The basis of our success lies in state-of-the-art production methods that always meet the latest technological standards. These methods not only ensure first-class quality and functionality, but also exceptional reliability and durability. When it comes to sustainable building projects, Murexin products are the perfect choice.

Sustainability by real professionals

In order to guarantee the outstanding quality of our products in the long term, we subject all the raw materials we use to intensive testing. Regular quality analyses are carried out, starting with the continuous monitoring of the production process through to the final evaluation of the finished product. Our highly qualified team at the competence center works tirelessly to develop innovative products that not only meet the highest standards, but also have outstanding environmental properties. Ideas are conceived here that not only improve the products of today, but also ensure the sustainability of tomorrow. Our products are not just materials for building projects, but a commitment to the responsible use of resources.

Sustainability guides our actions

For us, environmental protection is not just a trend, but an obligation. We understand that our advancements must be in harmony with the needs of our planet. This is why Murexin not only invests in the quality of its products, but also in the future of the environment. A considerable proportion of our turnover flows into research and development year after year in order to find innovative solutions that minimize the ecological footprint and at the same time offer maximum performance.

Sustainability through durability.



Our enthusiasm for inspiring innovation.

Enthusiasm for a sustainable future drives our commitment to CO₂ reduction. Our passion for innovation and quality is not only reflected in our products, but also in our efforts to find environmentally friendly solutions. Through continuous research and development work, we create products that not only meet the highest standards, but also have a positive impact on the environment.




Stability is a key element of our sustainability strategy.

Our products are designed to be durable and robust. For example, a wooden floor laid with our parquet adhesives can last for decades, as it can be reconditioned several times if it is of good quality. Tile coverings laid with our adhesive mortar also provide many years of satisfaction. Our sealants protect building components from moisture, mortar products for concrete restoration preserve the building fabric, paints, lacquers and coatings give surfaces increased resistance – our products offer stability for generations to come.
Spirit of the age

Spirit of the age

The spirit of sustainability: tradition and progress united at Murexin.

The combination of tradition and progress makes Murexin a pioneer in sustainability. While we proudly look back on our 90-year history as a quality leader, we also look to the future with confidence. Our products are not only designed to meet today’s requirements, but also to leave behind an unspoilt environment and long-lasting buildings for future generations.


Responsible for new standards in environmentally-friendly construction chemicals.

Our long-lasting solutions prove that the highest standards and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but exist in perfect harmony with one another. An excellent example of this is our large number of solvent-free and very low-emission products, as well as a range of alternatives to diisocyanate-based products.


Effektivität durch innovative Produkte: Weniger Material, mehr Leistung.

Effectiveness is of great importance in our field. Our products are characterized not only by their effectiveness in application, but also by their ability to achieve large area coverage with a small amount of material. This not only saves time and money, but also reduces the consumption of resources.


Solidarity for a sustainable future in the construction industry.

Innovative, reliable and future-orientated – that’s Murexin. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to do our best every day and make a positive contribution to our world. With every product that leaves our production plants, we set an example for a sustainable future in the construction industry – a future based on quality, efficiency, durability and environmental friendliness.

„Careful use of resources, durable products and continuous development are our daily motivation for a better future.“

Bernhard Mucherl,
Murexin CEO

Sustainable priorities

Murexin not only stands for outstanding quality and innovation in the field of construction chemicals, but also for a forward-thinking approach to sustainability. Aware of the pressing global environmental problems, Murexin has developed a comprehensive strategy for CO₂ reduction that reflects our responsibility towards the environment. This strategy is based on a range of approaches that are closely interlinked and together pursue the goal of minimizing our ecological footprint and paving a sustainable path into the future.

This includes not only the obvious measures, such as the use of renewable energies, but also the consistent application of state-of-the-art technologies to optimize our production processes and make them as efficient as possible. We also attach great importance to the selection of environmentally friendly raw materials to ensure that our products are not only of high quality, but also have the smallest possible environmental impact.

Sustainable use of resources

One of the pillars of our sustainability strategy is the intensive scrutiny of all raw materials used in our products. From the very beginning, we have attached great importance to the selection of our materials.

Sustainable production process

By using state-of-the-art technologies and continuously monitoring the production process, we ensure that our products not only meet the highest quality standards, but are also manufactured in a resource-efficient manner.

Ongoing research for greater sustainability

In our competence center, dedicated employees work continuously on the development of innovative products that are not only effective, but also minimize the environmental impact and can be used in a user-friendly manner.

Sustainable solution for CO₂ reduction

Our comprehensive strategy includes the use of renewable energy through our photovoltaic system, efficient production processes, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and continuous research and innovation to develop more environmentally-friendly products. We also attach great importance to proximity to our customers. By strategically positioning our production sites in geographical proximity to our customers, we significantly reduce delivery routes and thus minimize the environmental impact of long transport distances.

Sustainable partnerships

Long-term and reliable partnerships, characterized by transparency and reliability, are crucial to our success. This philosophy applies both to external partnerships and to our employees, who are the foundation of our success. As a leading Austrian business, we assume responsibility as an employer and economic driver in the region.

Sustainable use of energy

We obtain some of our energy for production from our own photovoltaic system and we are also connected to the local district heating network. Our charging stations for our company-owned electric vehicles are also powered by the energy from our PV system, which further underscores our holistic commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability at Murexin, it lasts.


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EC1 certified products


Products in recycled packaging

Sustainability in every area

At Murexin, we go beyond manufacturing and are actively committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Our efforts to reduce CO₂ emissions are an integral part of our sustainability strategy.

We promote the recycling and reuse of materials wherever possible. By implementing cyclical economic principles, we contribute to the reduction of waste and resource consumption.

Sustainable packaging

In line with the principles of the cyclical economy, we are focussing on sustainable packaging and are gradually replacing conventional containers with tubs made from high-quality recycled plastic. This innovative measure not only enables the reuse of valuable raw materials, such as packaging from the yellow bag or upcycled secondary raw materials, but also contributes to a significant reduction in CO₂ emissions. This changeover is an important step on our way to even more sustainable production processes and a valuable contribution to climate protection. Our long-term vision is to switch completely to recycled plastic in order to continuously increase the positive environmental impact.

Sustainable product innovations

Murexin attaches great importance to sustainable product innovations that have a positive impact on the environment and efficiency. Our products are characterized by their high yield, which leads to an impressive area coverage and at the same time reduces handling, transport and packaging waste. Ultra-fast application not only enables projects to be completed in the shortest possible time, but also reduces costs and CO₂ emissions. For example, our high-quality products for substrate preparation ensure even surfaces and help to save on adhesives and materials. The exceptional durability of our products helps to conserve resources, as durable structures require fewer repairs and less material.

Together we can create sustainability.

Murexin's employees are a key driving force behind the implementation of our sustainability strategy. They play an active role in innovation development by working on environmentally-friendly product solutions. Through their involvement in production, they contribute to resource efficiency by monitoring material consumption and minimizing waste. Training initiatives ensure that employees understand sustainable practices and can integrate them into their daily tasks. As advocates of renewable energies, they contribute to energy efficiency and the use of sustainable energy sources. They also support the promotion of a sustainable corporate culture and embody the values of Murexin. All in all, our employees and their commitment play a pivotal role in the realization of our vision of a sustainable future.

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Sustainability is our damn duty.

In this inspiring video, our company owner and managing director of Schmid Industrieholding, Robert Schmid, talks about our responsibility to act sustainably. He sees sustainability not just as an option, but as our “damn duty”. We are committed to creating positive change – watch the video and learn more about our mission!

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Products with Environmental Product Declaration

The Type III environmental declaration is made up of independently verified data from life cycle assessments, inventory inventories or information modules that comply with the ISO 14040 series of standards.

An EPD thus provides quantified environmental information from the life cycle of a product or service, enabling comparisons between products or services with the same function. The following products have currently received an Environmental Product Declaration:

The most important questions about sustainability at Murexin.

Murexin understands sustainability to mean responsibility for the environment, people, quality and the future by manufacturing environmentally-friendly products that can be used in a processor-friendly manner and by implementing resource-saving practices.

By sustainable construction we mean realizing building projects with minimum resource consumption, efficient use of energy and durable materials, as well as taking ecological aspects into account.

A CO₂ footprint measures the amount of greenhouse gases, in particular CO₂, released during the manufacture, use and disposal of products or services. We equip our products with so-called sample EPDs. This Environmental Product Declaration describes construction products in terms of their environmental impact on the basis of ecological assessments. EPDs form a basis for the sustainability assessment of buildings. We also deal with Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions within the company and apply the levers for reduction to the sources that release the most climate-damaging gases in the value creation chain.

Important environmental labels in the construction chemicals sector include the “Blue Angel” eco-label, the GEV Emicode® seal, the Austrian Ecolabel and product labelling indicating that products are solvent-free or free from migratory substances, for example. Many of our products bear one or more of these labels.

Murexin products are sustainable because they are resource-efficient, utilize renewable energies, use environmentally-friendly raw materials and combine high performance with a long service life. In addition, our production facilities are close to our customers, minimizing the environmental impact of long transport routes.

Sustainability and construction chemistry go together by combining environmentally-friendly production, innovative product development and resource-saving construction methods to minimize the environmental impact.