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Dry Screed

Dry screeds are cement-, gypsum- or gypsum-fibre-bonded dry construction boards in lightweight construction, which are usually applied to an insulating fill as a compensating material and substructure.

They are usually used in situations where their low weight plays a major role compared to conventional screeds, such as when renovating old buildings or performing loft conversions.

Their big advantage compared to conventional screeds is the lack of drying time, since no moisture is introduced. However, dry screeds containing gypsum are moisture-sensitive.

Pay attention to the information provided by the respective manufacturer regarding the recommended areas of application. The substructure must also be suited to the planned payload and be sufficiently rigid. Otherwise, the stresses can lead to a bulge in the substrate, which can also lead to damage to the ceramic covering surface.

The format size of the tiles to be laid is usually limited by the dry screed manufacturer in relation to the dimensions of the dry screed panels. If larger tile formats should be used, we recommend the use of decoupling measures.