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Laying in areas with high chemical stress

In general, in the case of surfaces with increased chemical (or mechanical) stress, the type and duration of this stress should be studied. While short-term exposure to a specific substance often does not have any negative effects on the surface, this can change quickly with long-term exposure. The system presented is resistant to many acids, alkalis, fats and oils.

Typical areas of application where high or continuous chemical stress may exist include, for example, car washes, canteen kitchens, laboratories, brine baths, wineries. In many such areas, there are also increased requirements for sealing due to very high water loads (W5 area). Furthermore, food safety of the materials used is required for surfaces on which food is to be stored or processed.

For these extreme requirements, MUREXIN offers you safety with tested two-component products. Once these two components have reacted, there is no further reaction with products placed on them, room air or any waste water. A chemical-resistant design also prevents chemical penetration and provides secure protection for the substrate/structure. We will be happy to assist you with recommendations for action according to your specific requirements.