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Mastic asphalt

Mastic asphalt is a thermoplastic substrate onto which ceramic coverings may only be laid indoors. Outdoors, the deformations and stresses associated with continuous temperature fluctuations would not allow a durable surface.

However, care must also be taken to ensure that no significant thermal stress – such as caused by strong sunlight – affects the substrate indoors. One advantage of mastic asphalt is its rapid paint-over ability. There are no drying times: laying can begin immediately after the substrate has cooled.

The hardness class of the mastic asphalt must correspond to the acceptance of a ceramic covering and at least fullfill the quality class IP70-GE according to ÖNORM B 2232. If insufficient sanding can be achieved on the surface, it must be primed with an epoxy resin primer and the entire surface sanded over with quartz sand to ensure adequate adhesion.