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Metal substrate

Extraordinary substrates require extraordinary solutions. Metal substrates definitely fall in this category, and are often found in stairwell and boat constructions, as well as in elevators. In order to enable optimal adhesion to metal, particular attention must be paid to good preparation of the substrate.

The substrate must be dry and rust-free, and free from dust, dirt, oil, grease or other separating agents. We therefore recommend cleaning with degreasing acetone. Any existing old coatings or rust must be mechanically removed before bonding. Furthermore, the substrate must be solid, load-bearing and dimensionally stable for the expected stress.

With special adhesives based on polyurethane resin or epoxy resin, metal substrates can be directly laid upon without any need for priming work. The MUREXIN Multi-adhesive Vibrax VPU 93 offers a permanently elastic solution in this regard. Another possible solution to alleviate stresses is a complete decoupling of the metal substrate using the Unitop decoupling board. This option is useful if larger distances are to be compensated for simultaneously.