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Tile on tile

A classic in the field of renovation and refurbishment is the tiling of a pre-existing tiled surface. The extent to which this is suitable as a substrate depends on its load-bearing capacity. In this case, it is important to carefully examine the old covering. This must be stable, firm and load-bearing, and must be free of cavities.

The substrate pre-treatment required depends on the surface of the old covering. Non-absorbent smooth surfaces such as glazed tiles, glass tiles or glass mosaics must be pre-treated with diamond grinding for subsequent processing steps. Furthermore, the old covering must be cleaned of grease residues using acetone.

We then recommend optionally reinforcing the existing subsurface with a textile glass grid. This counteracts any cracks and flaws in the substrate that have been overlooked or were not identified and provides an even, uniform subsurface for subsequent work.

Bathrooms are often retrofitted with electric underfloor heating systems in the course of renovations. These can be filled in with quick-flex glue to minimize any tension.