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From the foundation slab to the roof ridge

with the special seal WD-1K and the special seal WD Top+

Ecology is also on the rise when it comes to waterproofing!

The bitumen-free MUREXIN special seal WD-1K has firmly established itself on the market as an ecological alternative to bituminous products.
It is an environmentally friendly liquid waterproofing for indoor and outdoor use, and a product in the BEST4YOU series. WD-1K is particularly processor-friendly in terms of processing comfort and the health of the processor themselves.

The innovative MUREXIN special seal WD-1K building and roof sealing is versatile for indoor and outdoor use: on mineral substrates, absorbent, slightly damp substrates as well as on non-absorbent substrates. It is suitable as a liquid sealant for a wide variety of vertical and horizontal wall and floor areas of flat and pitched roofs, swimming pools, balconies, arcades, loggias, cisterns, fountains, bathrooms, commercial kitchens, plant rooms, pump sumps, evaporation channels, or lift shafts, and even as a wind sealant for blower door tests in the area of connection points.

The processor works comfortably, and saves time and energy, because WD-1K is ready-to-use and can be applied easily with a paintbrush, brush, roller or airless spray gun. Depending on temperature and humidity, the pot life is approx. 30-40 minutes. It can be processed from +0 degrees C to a maximum of +35 degrees C. WD-1K can be made thixotropic with a specially developed actuating agent. With the additional product WD Speed 5, the curing of the seal can be accelerated many times over.

Special Seal WD-1K

  • liquid sealant for roofs and structures
  • Sealant for indoor and outdoor use
  • can be used vertically and horizontally
  • can be applied to matt damp substrates
  • food-safe
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Special Seal WD Top+: The perfect supplement

Whether as the perfect complement to the WD-1K special sealant or applied to water-impermeable concrete, the special sealant WD Top+ opens up an extremely wide range of applications in the area of containers, collecting basins and cisterns for water and liquids in a broader sense: as a sealant for WD-1K in pools, non-pressurized collection basins, clarifiers or in cleaning and collection shafts, and also as a seal for WU concrete pools and polyester basins.

As a seal, it protects WD-1K from mechanical damage and ensures resistance to common water treatment agents.

Applied directly to waterproof concrete, the special seal WD Top+ prevents the penetration of harmful media into the concrete. The ready-to-use seal has a very low consumption (from 0.25 kg/m2) and dries extremely quickly: under ideal conditions, it is touch-proof after just 30 minutes and is therefore sufficiently dry for the application of a second layer: for example, a pool can be filled after just 72 hours.

Special Seal WD Top+

  • single-component special sealant
  • for indoor and outdoor use, can be applied vertically and horizontally
  • low consumption
  • highly chemical resistant
  • low surface energy
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Bonded sealing on construction seal