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Guaranteed sealed

High demands are placed on the seals, particularly in areas that are subject to increased moisture. In order to meet these, the Europe-wide applicable standard EN 14891 should be observed.
This standard is recognized throughout Europe and applies to all liquid processed waterproof products which consist of layers based on polymer-modified cement-mortar, dispersion and reaction resins and which are used under ceramic tiles and slabs for walls and floors in indoor and outdoor areas as well as in swimming pools.

Alternative to liquid polymers

Saving time and money is the goal of Rapid professional sealing compound Maximo PSM 1K professional rapid sealing film.
Due to its lightweight fillers, it is extremely efficient and can be easily applied with a spatula, rolled and brushed. The flexible, single-component bonded seal is solvent-free, very low in emissions (GEV EMICODE EC 1PLUS), impermeable to water but open to vapor diffusion, and ensures a longer service life for the components underneath. It hardens extremely quickly and can be painted over after just three hours – annoying downtimes caused by long drying phases are eliminated: a whole working day and an additional trip to the construction site can be saved. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application for the creation of seamless and jointless bonded seals and for seamless sealing directly under ceramic coverings.

Rapid professional sealing compound Maximo PSM 1K pro sealing film rapid

Rapid professional sealing compound Maximo PSM 1K

  • quick-hardening
  • very high yield
  • vapour-permeable
  • single component
  • can be applied by trowel and spread
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Swimming pool seal

The Fluid foil 2 KS is a quick-hardening, seamless and jointless, two-component, low-temperature-elastic compound seal. Indoors and outdoors for jointless sealing of wall and floors areas under the ceramic covering in showers, bathrooms, on terraces and balconies. According to EN 14891, ÖNORM B 3407 W1-W6, according to DIN 18534 for water impact class W0-I to W3-I (for W3-I without additional chemical load), according to DIN 18531-5 (balconies, loggias, etc.) and DIN 18535 (swimming pools and containers), as well as according to the test principles for the issue of a general building inspection test certificate.

Fluid foil 2 KS

  • 2-component
  • quick-hardening
  • can be applied by trowel
  • tested in accordance with EN 14891
  • UV-resistant
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Outside area sealing

The Sealing adhesive mortar gray DKM 95 is a new type of hydraulically setting, water-impermeable but open to vapour diffusion, cementitious, flexible, single-component sealing AND adhesive mortar. Indoors and outdoors for creating seamless and jointless seals in wall and floor areas directly under ceramic tiles and boards (according to EN 14891 and ÖNORM B 3407 W1-W6), as well as for gluing ceramic coverings in floor area for strong thermal or mechanical loads, such as balconies and terraces (especially for gluing fine stoneware), etc. Sealing and adhesion must take place in two steps!

Sealing adhesive mortar gray DKM 95

  • sealing + adhesion with a single product
  • very low emissions – EC 1PLUS
  • waterproof and open to vapour diffusion
  • decoupling
  • for problematic substrates
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