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  • ready-to-use, functionally safe
  • heat, frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • can also be processed in rain
  • no weed growth
  • plant-friendly

Single-component, oxygen-hardening, cobbles jointing mortar ready-to-use with high and permanent water permeability.
Resistant to weathering – can even be processed in rain showers. Silted surface processing recommended!
Outdoors from a minimum joint depth of 30 mm and a width of 8 mm. For grouting footpaths and garden pathways, terraces, large areas for natural stone and concrete cobblestones, as well as board and clinker surfaces. Suitable for foot traffic and light vehicle traffic, such as private house entrances. The substrate must be permanently water permeable! Heavily wet the area beforehand and wet again at regular intervals if needed!


Average consumption in kg/m² at 30 mm joint depth: Mosaic cobbles 4 x 6 cm: 13.3 kg/m² (8 mm); 20 kg/m² (12 mm); 24.8 kg/m² (15 mm); Small-scale cobbles 9x11 cm: 7 kg/m² (8 mm); 10.5 kg/m² (12 mm); 13 kg/m² (15 mm); Large-scale cobbles 14x16 cm: 4.5 kg/m² (8 mm); 7 kg/m² (12 mm); 8.75 kg/m² (15 mm); Boards 20x20 cm: 3.5 kg/m² (8 mm); 5.25 kg/m² (12 mm); 6.75 kg/m² (15 mm); Boards 40x40 cm: 1.75 kg/m² (8 mm); 2.5 kg/m² (12 mm); 3.5 kg/m² (15 mm); Consumption depends on the stone format, the joint width and the joint depth. The precise consumption is to be determined using a test area.


stone grey, sand beige