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Parquet and adhesion technology


  • suitable for laying parquet, tile and natural stone
  • safer on problematic substrates
  • relieves tension

Tension-relieving reinforcing fleece for laying parquet, tile and natural stone, especially on problematic substrates. For laying parquet: Can be used as reinforcing underlay under solid parquet and prefabricated parquet as well as on all substrates which are ready for installation and also on cement screed and concrete with increased residual moisture (up to max. 3.5%) in combination with Murexin moisture barriers (Moisture barrier 2K EP 170 / MS-X3 / PU 5 Express) and Murexin MS-P adhesives or the PU 566 Special Adhesive. Especially on unstable, low-strength substrates as well as for renovation with dry screeds, chipboard and mastic asphalt. For laying tiles and natural stone: Can be used as a reinforcement insert under ceramic coverings. The fleece is embedded in the adhesive (flexible adhesive) and "decouples" the ceramic covering from the substrate.



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