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  • feltable filler
  • for contraction-free layer thicknesses of 2-40 mm
  • can be applied directly to concrete
  • for efficient filling

Felt rough filler DURAPID XL 25 is a high-quality tempered powdery filler and a polymer-modified thin layer plaster based on gypsum for manual processing. The filler allows contraction-free area fillings up to a layer thickness of 2-40 mm to be carried out. The filled area can be wet-felted after approx. 60-70 minutes, in order to avoid later sanding work. Filler and thin plaster for all interior rooms with normal air humidity including domestic wet rooms. For full surface and contraction-free filling of holes, joints and cracks on standard structural substrates. A minimum layer thickness of 2 mm is required for direct application on concrete.


approx. 0.8 kg/m² per mm of layer thickness