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  • Solid content > 99%
  • high durability
  • very efficient
  • quick drying
  • recommended for green living

High-quality low VOC impregnating oil based on natural, environmentally-friendly raw materials. High durability, quick drying, and suitable for seamless working. Produces a very water and dirt repellent, extremely durable surface. For indoor oiling and impregnation of wooden floors made from hard and soft woods. For all types of installation, including wood block paving, planks, industrial parquet, and sprung floors. Suitable for underfloor heating systems. When using pigmented oils, the colour effect and the evenness depends on the wood, the cut, and the processing technology. All colours can be mixed together, thus allowing for individual colouring.


Consumption/coverage per l: approx. 5 - 20 m² (depending on wood and laying type)