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  • is a genuine drying accelerator
  • is independent of humidity
  • readiness for laying can be calculated precisely

Fluid, chloride-free, universal, accelerating additive for cement-bound screeds. The addition of water can be reduced due to the liquefying effect, and quicker readiness for laying is achieved. Furthermore, the consistency of the screed is affected positively, whereby processing is improved in relation to stropping and smoothing. To achieve earlier readiness for laying, and especially suitable for heated screeds.


Dosing of 2.0 % = 5.0 kg to 3.0% = 7.5 kg Ready for laying after 12-14 days: 1.25 kg Screed Accelerator X4 Per screed mixture (250 litres) at a W/B value: max. 0.45 Ready for laying after 3 – 5 days: 1.9 kg Screed Accelerator X4 per screed mixture (250 litres) at a W/B value: max. 0.45 Consumption approx. 7.5 kg/m³ screed


transparent yellow