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  • ready for processing
  • weather-resistant
  • water-repellent
  • highly permeable
  • flame retardant

Ready-to-use, pasty, synthetic silicate thin-layer plaster (finishing plaster). Fine plaster with etched or grooved structure, white or coloured, for outdoor and indoor use. Can be processed manually or by machine. Mineral, water-repellent, weatherproof, highly permeable, flame retardant. Observe lightness values (HBW) (not under 25!) for use on thermal insulation systems or heat-insulating plasters.


1.5 mm etching structure 2.5 kg/m², 2 mm etching structure 2.9 kg/m², 3 mm etching structure 3.9 kg/m², 2 mm groove structure 2.8 kg/m², 3 mm groove structure 3.9 kg/m², Quality assurance: In-house monitoring by our own factory laboratory. Third party monitoring of ongoing production control by a notified body.