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Tile laying technology


  • up to 50 mm joint width
  • frost, de-icing salt resistant
  • simple processing
  • with trass additive

Powdery, food-safe, frost and de-icing salt resistant, tempered, hydraulically setting grout based on trass´additive for preventing efflorescence. Indoors and outdoors for grouting 4 to 50 mm joint widths of concrete, natural stone, plaster and clinker coverings in bonded construction, as well as very well suited for processing with jointing machines. Suitable for usage categories N1, N2 and N3 according to ZTV road construction.

approx. 0.19 l/kg depending on stone format, joint width and joint depth. The precise requirement is to be determined with a test area or can be calculated with the consumption calculator on www.murexin.com.

grey, dark grey, bahama, camel, anthracite


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