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  • ready for processing
  • weather-resistant
  • excellent water repellency
  • permeable

Ready for processing, pasty, synthetic resin thin-layer plaster (finishing plaster).. Fine plaster with etched or grooved structure, white or coloured, for outdoor and indoor use. Can be processed manually or by machine. Organic binding agent, mineral fillers, colour pigments, additives, water. Protection and design of facades and internal wall surfaces on old and new mineral plasters and fillers, on concrete, for reworking organic bound fillers and plasters, as final coating for all thermal insulation systems as well as on renovation plasters. Weatherproof, very good water repellent, permeable, washable, brilliant colouring, can be highly mechanically loaded, easy to process. Observe lightness values (HBW) (not under 25!) for use on thermal insulation systems or heat-insulating plasters.


1.5 mm etching structure 2.5 kg/m², 2 mm etching structure 2.9 kg/m², 3 mm etching structure 3.9 kg/m², 2 mm groove structure 2.8 kg/m², 3 mm groove structure 3.9 kg/m², Quality assurance: In-house monitoring by our own factory laboratory. Third party monitoring of ongoing production control by a notified body.