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Bathroom with barrier-free shower W4

The scope of W4 relates to areas with so-called “high water pollution”. This is understood to mean areas on which prolonged exposure to cleaning, splashing and service water is to be expected. Moisture-sensitive, gypsum-based substrates are therefore excluded for the W4 range. In the scope of W4, according to ÖNORM B 3692, there must also be a construction seal. Furthermore, there must be a structural gradient of at least 2% in the shower area to ensure that water can drain away. With bonded waterproofing, we recommend applying a different colour to each of the two layers. This allows you to see that the two layers have been correctly and fully applied. If the bonded waterproofing cannot be installed up to 30 cm above the splash zone, as regulated by the standards, capillary-breaking measures must also be taken. The protruding fitting outlets of the water pipe installations are also regulated. These must protrude at least 7 mm and at most 12 mm from the prepared substrate.