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Bathroom with bath tub W3

The scope of W3 relates to areas with so-called “moderate water pollution”. More specifically, the standard is expressed in the meaning of frequent short-term exposure to wiping and splashing water. This scope includes bathrooms with shower trays that are installed higher than 2 cm above the floor covering, bathtubs or floor space in toilet facilities without a floor drain. Porches in public areas with moisture-sensitive surfaces are also classified as W3 areas. All MUREXIN seals are suitable for this area of application. In general, a two-layer application should be performed. This ensures a complete seal. In combination with the ceramic covering, the waterproofing reliably protects the substrate from moisture. Sealing sleeves for concealed mixers must be provided on site or by the manufacturer. It is important to use a tried-and-tested system, which we at MUREXIN can offer.