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Monolithic concrete slabs

A monolithic floor slab is a seamless concrete slab that is suitable for use when loads – both point and area loads – have to be dissipated into the subsoil. These are considered industrial floors and are made from a mixture of concrete and various additional products.

During the drying process, a reduction in volume occurs and tensions are to be expected. For normal-strength concrete, the drying time extends over a period of 6 months. Once the concrete has a maximum residual moisture content of 2%, it is considered ready for overlaying. If tiles are bonded prematurely, the continuing shrinkage of the concrete could lead to detachment of the ceramic covering. Expansion joints in the subsurface must be accepted.

In some cases, highly modified adhesive systems can even out the tension in the substrate and allow tiles to be laid on normal concrete after just 3-4 months. Large areas and special floor plans are to be planned and implemented separately with suitable decoupling systems. However, this must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you have a query in relation to this, please contact your MUREXIN specialist advisor.