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Glue large formats correctly

Large formats are in trend. Both the range of installation materials and the demand for them are constantly increasing. In general, large formats can be laid on all standard construction substrates, but appropriate preparations must be carried out.
For a secure and permanent bonding of large formats, greater attention must be paid to the evenness of the substrate. Due to the large area of the material to be laid and the relatively small number of joints, greater stresses occur, increasing the risk of breakage. It is the job of the adhesive mortar to reduce these tensions: the correct substrate preparation and the selection of the right adhesive are prerequisites for a durable surface.

Fibre-reinforced and dust-reduced!

The Adhesive mortar flex grey KGF 65 has been completely revised and, in addition to the fiber reinforcement and the well-known dust-reducing property, offers a major improvement in terms of stability.
This improvement is evident on walls in the slippage behaviour and around edges in terms of sagging of heavy laying material. Hardening has also been increased. Powdery, fibre-reinforced and dust-reducing, water and frostproof, highly tempered, hydraulically setting flexible adhesive mortar with improved full hardening for thin-bed laying. Indoors and outdoors for laying ceramic tiles and slabs made of earthenware, stoneware and fine stoneware as well as dark, non-sensitive natural stone slabs. Suitable for increased thermal or static loads. Especially well suited for laying tiles on tiles.

Adhesive mortar flex grey KGF 65


  • fibre-reinforced
  • improved full hardening
  • very good deformability
  • highest stability
  • dust-reduced


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The Murexin Hybrid adhesive HX 1 combines lightness with high stability – no slippage or sinking! For the person processing the material, this means exceptional ease of use and secure installation. HX 1 is easy to notch, remains highly stable, and ensures excellent wetting of the material to be laid. Even when applied up to a layer thickness of 20 mm, there is no sinking!

The Hybrid adhesive HX 1 comes in powder form, is food-safe, waterproof and frost-resistant, and sets hydraulically. It is suitable for bonding all ceramic coverings and non-translucent, moisture-resistant natural stone, as well as for levelling walls and floors both indoors and outdoors, and can be used on all standard construction substrates with layer thicknesses of 2 to 20 mm.

Hybrid adhesive HX 1

  • highly stable
  • extremely smooth processing
  • no slippage
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Supraflex SFS 2 – safe in all areas

The highly flexible (S 2), single-component adhesive mortar can be used indoors and outdoors and, due to its stress-relieving properties, is even suitable for critical areas of application, e.g. on cavity floors or on tiled surfaces in car dealerships
with full-height windows: Both mechanical and thermal stresses occur here that require a flexible adhesive mortar. The Supraflex SFS 2 is highly tempered, waterproof and frost-resistant, food-safe, hydraulically setting and has a very low emission rating according to EC 1PLUS. It is suitable for all tile and slab formats in wall and floor areas and also below dark, moisture-resistant natural stone, because it does not shine through, as well as under underfloor heating systems. Very good processing properties and stability. Corresponds to C2TE S2 according to EN 12004.
On fresh screeds from walkability up to day 10, and fresh concrete from day 28.

Supraflex SFS 2

  • highly flexible (S2)
  • high stability for wall application
  • tension reduction even for problematic substrates
  • suitable for all types of tiles and sizes
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Structures of large format panels