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Murexin production Germany

At the beginning of 2022, Murexin GmbH took over the Baumit site in Mühlheim am Main and rebuilt and extended it.

The driving force behind this decision was the desire to move even closer to the customer with a powder production facility; shorter transport routes and faster delivery to the commercial and handicraft sector were the focus, as well as the ability to produce the well-known high Murexin quality in a future-oriented powder production facility. The site in Mühlheim was ideal, it offered all the prerequisites – staff, office building, warehouses, powder production – to be able to start the business and begin the rebuild very quickly.

And the rebuild was not long in coming. In the office and warehouses, the electrics were updated to the state of the art and power-hungry lighting was replaced with LED lighting. In addition, the infrastructure on the site, which had grown over many decades, was replaced by a supply channel with sufficient data and power lines to be ready for both an energy management system and sufficient electric mobility infrastructure, as well as to have expansion potential for the future.

In addition, the prerequisites were created to supply all buildings with heat via a local heating network in the coming years, which will be generated in a new heating centre that will only need fossil fuels in exceptional cases.

Local powder production

At the same time, the existing powder production had to be upgraded. How did Wolfgang Hormuth, technical director, explain the rebuild to the regulatory authorities? “In principle, production remains as it has always been; the raw materials from the silos are weighed, mixed and packaged, but the new production offers a quantum leap in terms of energy efficiency, occupational safety, environmental protection and performance!”
In the meantime, the modern powder production facility is up and running, producing goods for our customers. The hall is mainly heated by using the process heat. All system components enable a low-dust environment and thus a clear plus in occupational safety and workplace appeal. The installed micro and additive dosing also ensure a high degree of automation and quality consistency, which is particularly important for complex formulations.