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Car Dealership Showroom Porsche Inter Auto GmbH, Wiener Neustadt

Murexin Referenz Autohaus Porsche Seat Halle
Murexin Referenz Autohaus Porsche Seat Halle
Murexin Referenz Autohaus Porsche Seat Halle

Seat showroom floor renovation

The Porsche dealership in Wiener Neustadt has been successful for years in the new and used car business as well as service and repairs, §57a inspections, auto body and paintwork, windscreen and A/C service and much more, all with a guarantee for the best service at all levels. The floor of the seat display room was recently renovated using Murexin products and it now has a modern and inviting look that stands up to the high demands of daily business.

In the course of refurbishment preparation, old tile adhesive residues and non-bearing surfaces were removed from the existing cement screed. The cable ducts as well as flaws in the screed were filled with a reaction resin mortar consisting of Express Coat EC 60 and quartz sand at a 1:7 ratio. The surfaces were first primed with EC 60.

The installation of the heavy load expansion joint profile and priming of the entire surface with LF 1 Penetrating Primer followed. In the next step, the decoupling fleece was adhered to the entire floor area using Supraflex SFS 2.

The fine stoneware slabs measuring 60 x 60 x 1 cm were installed with Supraflex SFS 2, using the so-called buttering-floating method. The surface was grouted with Flexfuge Pro FX 65 – tempered with Grout Emulsion FE 85 to make the joints even more resilient and resistant. The elastic joints were closed with SIL 50 Natural Stone Silicone.

This was the perfect application for Supraflex SFS 2 – it is made to stand up to high thermal and static loads like those typically present in a car dealership: extremely flexible (S2), stress-reducing and suitable on problem substrates. Combined with the tempered Flexfuge Pro FX 65, it forms a strong team that holds.

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