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No pool off the peg – swimming pool refurbishment with many extras

Murexin Referenz Terme Apollo
Murexin Referenz Terme Apollo
Murexin Referenz Terme Apollo
Murexin Referenz Terme Apollo
Murexin Referenz Terme Apollo
Murexin Referenz Terme Apollo

Used products

The thermal swimming pool “C” of the Hotel Terme Apollo, in the famous Italian health resort of Montegrotto Terme, has been renovated with Murexin products. The hotel is located in the middle of a two hectare garden park and is one of the leading hotels in the region with its spas, wellness and health facilities.
In addition to hydrotherapy and mud cures, the range of therapies also includes preventive and curative measures for osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism and respiratory diseases. The heart of the spa is the balneotherapy – in different therapeutic swimming pools hydromassage treatments with the most modern air/water technology are offered.
The swimming pool “C” is a water pool with hydrotherapy and covers an area of about 600 m2. During the refurbishment it had to be borne in mind that the pool is filled with thermal salt water with a temperature of approx. 35°C after the resumption of operations. Also great attention was paid to the sealing of the various built-in parts such as floor geyser, bubble benches, massage jets, spotlights, drains, etc. The sealing of the anti-stress hydromassage loungers in the pool was particularly complex.
The old ceramic coating was removed in the course of the preparatory work. After mechanical pre-treatment of the substrate and cleaning, Supergrund D 4 Rapid Primer was applied. Unevenness was levelled with Flex Adhesive Mortar Maximo M 41. The levelling work in the area at the top of the pool was carried out with Trass Rapid AM 50 Levelling Mortar.
In the case of the existing built-in parts, several cavities were filled with White EKY 91 Epoxy Adhesive Mortar and then selected areas around these parts were primed with EP 70 BM Epoxy-based Resin and liberally sanded with 0.3 – 0.8 mm grain fire-dried QS 98 Quartz Sand.
After appropriate cleaning, the entire surface of the pool was sealed with Pro Sealing Film Rapid Maximo PSM 1K, which was rolled up in two layers. The laying of the fine stoneware in the formats 30 x 30 cm and 15 x 60 cm was carried out with White Epoxy Adhesive Mortar EKY 91. Epoxy FMY 90 Grout was used to grout the joints to match the system. Natural Stone Silicone SIL 50 was used as sealant.
During the sealing of the new polystyrene bodies, which form the basis for the hydromassage loungers, the Energy Textile was fully filled with the first layer of Pro Sealing Film Rapid Maximo PSM 1K.
The refurbishment work took place outside the peak season, from January to March 2018, and had to be completed within a tight schedule. In order to be able to work protected from the weather, a special enclosure was built. In addition to the numerous and time-consuming work steps involved in waterproofing, time pressure was the greatest challenge during the implementation of the project.
Hotel Terme Apollo
Via San Pio X, 4
35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD), Italy