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Exclusive living above the city and lodging in a lifestyle hotel

Murexin Referenz Hotel ANdAZ Vienna Am Belvedere
Murexin Referenz Hotel ANdAZ Vienna Am Belvedere
Murexin Referenz Hotel ANdAZ Vienna Am Belvedere
Murexin Referenz Hotel ANdAZ Vienna Am Belvedere
Murexin Referenz Hotel ANdAZ Vienna Am Belvedere
Murexin Referenz Hotel ANdAZ Vienna Am Belvedere

The 342 park apartments at the Belvedere on pylons let their residents enjoy views over Vienna. Tourists and business travellers who prefer a cool lifestyle will feel at home in Hotel ANdAZ Vienna. Both projects are the work of star Italian architect Renzo Piano. The owner of the complex is SIGNA – the hotel’s joint venture with the Hyatt Group. The extensive tiling work was carried out by HB Fliesen GmbH with products from Murexin.

In addition to the architectural special features and every detail of the well thought-out furnishings, it is above all the special location in the Belvedere quarter that makes the Belvedere Park Apartments a desirable address in Vienna. On the one hand, Vienna’s city centre with its extensive cultural and culinary offerings and the main railway station with numerous shopping facilities are only a ten-minute walk away, and on the other, the park apartments offer an optimum location in Vienna’s transport network, which ensures fast accessibility from all directions.
The green spaces of the Swiss Garden were optically brought up to the building and additional green space was created. The park apartments at the Belvedere offer sophisticated living comfort in every detail, including so-called smart furnishings.

The biggest challenge for HB Fliesen in this project, in addition to the total immense surface area of around 24,000 square metres, was the high quality of the tiling required both in the hotel and in the residential complexes. For example, matrix mosaics and high-quality large format tiles were laid. “The logistics required to carry out the work smoothly in the five towers with up to 19 storeys was not easy to manage. At peak times, we had up to 40 people on the construction site and five people in the office working on the project,” reports project manager Hubert Ledersteger. “Our new HB Fliesen app, which has proven itself as a fast, future-oriented information interface between office and field staff, has also decisively facilitated construction site management.

The long-standing partnership with Murexin GmbH has also proven its worth. “Rapid material supply and flexible deliveries were our contribution to the success of the project,” says Murexin Sales Manager Peter Reischer. “Especially with such an extensive construction project, fabricators must be able to rely on the material to keep their heads clear for other things. Many factors play an important role in the long hours HB Fliesen has worked there,” Reischer continues.

The professionals from HB Fliesen carried out the sealing of the building on a total of around 5,000 square metres of rough floor with a 2K PS Cover Coating. For the sealing on the screed or on the walls the Liquid Film 1 KS or the Pro Sealing Film Rapid Maximo PSM 1K was applied and primed beforehand with Penetrating Primer LF 1. Mureflex MFK 45 and Rapid Flex White Adhesive Mortar SFK 81 were used as tile adhesive. The mosaic was glued and grouted with Epoxy FMY 90 Grout in the appropriate colour. The team from HB Fliesen grouted all the other tiled surfaces with Flexfuge Pro FX 65 and Extreme Grout FME 80.  Expansion and connection joints were formed with Sanitary Silicone Pro SIL 65.

HB Fliesen GmbH
Daimlerstrasse 3
4310 Mauthausen, Austria

SIGNA Gruppe
Freyung 3
1010 Vienna, Austria

ANdAZ Vienna Am Belvedere
Arsenalstrasse 10
1100 Vienna, Austria